The Doctor

about bannerDr. Lindsay Nealon, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic - Women & Family Focused Practice
ART® Certified Practitioner
Creator of ‘Bikini Boot Camp's 8 week core program’ and ‘Ab Intelligence!’
Owner of Bikini Boot Camp & Certified Personal Trainer
(Pre & Postnatal Specialist, FMS & SFMA certified)
Expert contributor to various media including IMPACT Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, BTV- Calgary, Global TV as well as guest speaker/trainer at retreats, fitness conferences and inspirational events.

Our bodies just don’t work the way they used to! Believe me, I’ve been there. After babies our core just isn’t the same. I have devoted my practice and my training to learning about the female body. Through chiropractic and fitness you are provided with simple tools and educated ideas to get your body back.

As a mother I understand the demands pregnancy places on your body. Postpartum provides a unique opportunity for your body and the dysfunctions it has created, even those prior to pregnancy, to be fixed. Much like a restart button on your computer, childbirth offers you the opportunity to reset the way your body works, to create a new foundation/core and correct faulty movement patterns.

But kids are not the only way to create a dysfunctional core. Sitting at a desk and lack of activity teaches our core to be lazy. And lazy is exactly what our core should not be! Everyone can benefit from a little core attention.

To some, chiropractic can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be. Here each treatment is performed in a way that unique to you, your condition and your comfort level. The techniques used range from low force (without a sound being produced), instrument/table assisted and a gentle manual style. And the blend chiropractic care with fitness creates incredible long lasting results.

It is my mission is to educate and inspire women to move properly. Let’s reroute the physical obstacles that present in your life. Change the future of your body by sidestepping the low back pain or reoccurring headaches. Dance around the ACL surgery and recover from the birth of your babes into a stronger more functional version of you.

Mobilize, stabilize then strengthen. It is time for you to shine!
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